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Reels offers a lot of opportunities to both individuals and businesses seeking to expand their social media presences. We’re sharing a few ways it can help boost professional brands.

Get Reel: Boosting engagement and visibility with short-form videos on Instagram

Carson Grace (CG) Burchette joined Pierce PR as an account coordinator in January 2023 and is known on our team for her kindness, positive attitude, incredible work ethic and Jonas Brothers fandom.

Pierce Pro(files): Carson Grace Burchette

Following its best year yet, we spoke with co-founders and co-artistic directors Daniel Jones and Jessika Malone about the festival’s future and how our team’s support helps ensure it continues to be a burning success. 

How Kindling Arts Festival is Setting Nashville’s Performing Arts Scene Ablaze

Whether you’re creating a party invitation, an Instagram story or a company logo, all people can benefit from a design platform that is both user-friendly and inventive to help bring their artistic visions to life.

Create captivating content: 3 favorite Canva features to elevate your designs

For PR professionals, it’s essential to stay ahead of change to effectively communicate and elevate our clients’ reputations. We’re tapping reporters where they are, letting go of old ways of working and embracing the future of media. 

Navigating the new frontier: How the media landscape has changed and why it matters

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